Selling a Florida home isn’t something people do very often. Of course, selling a home can be a tedious process that involves hiring a local real estate agent to list and sell it for you. However, you must pay this person to do it for you, making it a costly venture too.

There may be a number of reasons you have been looking at ways to sell my house in Tampa or Pasco Area, such as:

  • Avoiding Foreclosure
  • Little to no home equity
  • Desire to save money
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Unable to spend months waiting for a buyer

No matter what your reason is, there are numerous ways that you can sell a home for yourself in the Tampa or Pasco Area real estate market.

The housing market has been in recovery since the 2008 recession when the housing bubble burst. If you make the right steps at the right time, you can be profitable when selling your home. In the majority of cases, it’s all about realistic expectations and employing smart marketing strategies.

How can you sell your home without a real estate agent helping you?

Do Market Research 

The first thing you need to do is some research about the market and the neighborhood your home is located in. This is done in one of three primary ways:

  • Using home marketing sites like Eppraisal, Zillow, etc.
  • Reach out to a real estate agent to learn what your home is worth
  • Learn about the different pricing techniques in the market

With a comprehensive analysis of the market, you can set up a realistic price for your home and avoid the commonly made mistakes For-Sale-By-Owners often make.

If you’d rather not deal with determining the home’s value, you can always call Easy Sale Homebuyers at 727-233-0299, and we will provide you an honest assessment of your home’s worth in the market. This is the price you could get if you wait months to find the right buyer. And, if you’d like to sell your home within a week, we will gladly offer you a fair all-cash offer.

Analyze The Market 

Much like market research, you need to focus solely on your home and houses similar to it around you. How many homes are on the market in your neighborhood? What is the average listing for them? Are these homes going through foreclosure? If so, then your home’s price could be affected.

Assess Your Home 

If you plan on selling your home, you need it to be in good shape or condition for a buyer to purchase it as is. Make sure to highlight certain characteristics during your marketing efforts. For instance, if your home has a driveway, it may lure buyers than homes with garage parking.

  • Is your home in need of repairs?
  • Does your home need repainting (inside or outside)?
  • What is the roof’s condition?
  • How is the landscape?
  • Are there any outdated features?

Every homebuyer is different, and what they’re willing to pay depends on what the home has to offer them. Considering all this, you can reach a fair asking price for your Tampa or Pasco Area home. Too high of a price, though, and you could wait months before it sells. Too low, and it may lead to an array of buyers who want to purchase it immediately.

Use Pictures/Videos

People are obsessed with the media. Therefore, use videos to conduct a walk-through of your home and advertise your home. This increases the chance that more people will see it. Videos are even better than pictures because of their transparency.

Of course, you should still take pictures – in every room to show it off. Take pictures of the outside at various angles. People would like to see the house before they come to it. Pictures prepare them for what the house will look like when they come to see it. Without pictures or videos, you could spend months waiting for someone to be interested in the property.

Market Your Home With the Tampa or Pasco Area MLS System

Some real estate agents will charge you hundreds of dollars to list your home on the Tampa or Pasco Area MLS. With this system, your house gets noticed by other real estate agents representing home buyers. Of course, you may end up paying a two to three percent broker fee if they do help you sell your home.

You can also put signs up, place an ad in your local paper and hold your own open house.

When you were looking for ways to sell my house fast, you didn’t think it’d be so much work, right? Selling a home is a lot of work. And trying to sell a house yourself may seem like saving your money and time, but it costs you more in the long run.

What To Consider When You’re The “Sell My House Myself” Type 

  • You Lack Marketing Skills – You probably don’t have the marketing skills a real estate agent has, or you can’t spend time on the marketing that must be done to ensure your success.
  • You Fail To Ready The House – When you don’t prepare the home for it to be sold, you will actually sell it for up to 10% less than you advertise it for, and an experienced marketer can help you sell it for.
  • Failure To Consider Extra Costs – Each month you retain control over the home means more costs for you – mortgage, utilities, insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc. These additional costs can quickly add up.

Why Easy Sale Homebuyers Is Better Home Selling Option 

Rather than waiting to sell a home, find out how to sell my house fast. Don’t deal with the hassles that come with selling a home yourself. Instead, look for companies that buy houses as they are without the added costs of fees and commissions.

For example, Easy Sale Homebuyers buy homes throughout the Tampa or Pasco Area area. We buy houses, making homeowners a fair, no-obligation, all-cash offer for their home. Best of all, closings can take place within seven days of the offer, which will save you thousands of dollars in maintenance, utilities, mortgage and more that can happen with trying to sell a home on your own.

We buy houses, making all the repairs for ourselves—no need for you to contend with any of it.

Reach out to our professionals at Easy Sale Homebuyers at 727-233-0299 or use the form below to get started.

Our Goal Is To Make Sure You Are Aware Of All The Options Available When Selling A Home

If selling your home fast for cash isn’t the best solution for you, we will happily recommend better alternatives.

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