Tired of Being a Landlord? We Buy Rental Houses Across Florida – No Matter The Problem!

Focusing On Tampa & Pasco County

We know that the Pasco County & other Florida landlord/tenant relationships can be tumultuous, and many times, landlords find themselves with the kind of tenants that make them wish they weren’t landlords.

If this is you, just know that we can take care of this problem for you! We buy Pasco rental houses of all sizes and problems, and we can buy yours, too, even if you have problematic tenants currently occupying the home.

What You Have To Contend With As A Landlord

We purchase Florida rental homes from landlords who no longer want to deal with the headaches and stress. We buy homes in Port Richey, Hudson, Holiday, & surrounding areas. We know that being a landlord can generate a passive income, but it also generates pain and anxiety of not really knowing who you are getting as a tenant. Too often, a tenant looks ideal only to find yourself dealing with:

  • Late payments
  • Non-payments
  • Property damage

All of this is a financial burden to you. Renting property is terrible for those who don’t have the financial backing or stomach to deal with the negative aspects. For example, you may have to pay for damages left behind, maintenance and repairs, taxes, insurance, etc. All of this can be a time-consuming, financial-ruining business dealing.

You have to make sure your home stays up to legal code – water on, hot water and heating systems working properly and ensuring the electrical wiring works correctly. You also need to rid the home of mold and asbestos. Again, all of it is a time-consuming process that can lead to headaches and anxiety.

On top of that, your tenants may not be the best tenants in the world. When they move out, they may leave behind some damage – wear and tear. Or, they may leave behind a plethora of damage that doesn’t make it worth being a landlord anymore!

Do you feel this way?!

If you have property that you are renting out and have been looking for ways to sell your Pasco County house fast, Easy Sale Homebuyers is here to help!

When being a landlord isn’t the kind of job you enjoy doing anymore, and you’ve been looking for companies that will buy my house for cash and fast, we buy houses just like yours. As a Florida home buyer, we know we can take the problematic property off your hands so you can get on with life. It doesn’t matter if the place is empty or not; once the papers are signed, the headaches become ours!

We will provide you with a fair all-cash offer on the home and what you quote you is what you will get. It’s a much simpler process than finding the tenant and getting the rent from them or making repairs that cost you more money than you feel the home is worth.

Let us help you today!

If You’re Tired Of The Landlord Life…

When you’re tired of being a landlord in Pasco or anywhere else in Florida, we can help take the property off your hands. We will take control over the property even if there are tenants currently occupying the property. We buy Tampa & Pasco County rental houses without a care of what shape the property is in. We will take care of any and all repairs. We will take it off your hands, so it’s no longer your problem.

Best of all, we do all this and give you cash too in seven days or less.  No more headaches of tenants – good or bad – we take care of everything related to the property, so you don’t have to.