Frequently Asked Questions

You might have several questions. That is great – many people do. The following is a collection of the most popular questions we are asked, paired with the answers we most commonly give. If the question you have isn’t on this list, feel free to get in touch with us either by phone at (813) 442-8214 or the contact form on our site.

Question: Are the prices you pay for properties fair?

Answer: We absolutely pay a fair price for a property when all factors are considered. Because many of the properties we buy need work, we pay under market value. This is done so that we can earn a small profit when we resell the property to somebody else after we make the necessary repairs and improvements. What you will get when you work with us is the convenience of immediate cash and a fast closing. You’ll be able to bypass the need to wait around for financing approval. No expenses or effort are involved when you sell your home to us. You don’t have to clean or fix up anything, nor do you have to pay a real estate agent any fees. If that sounds good to you, and you want to get your property sold as quickly as possible, let us determine if a price can be agreed on. Our pricing commitment doesn’t come with any obligations, so you don’t have to accept the offer, but at least you’ll know what your options are.

Question: How is our offer calculated?
Answer: we evaluate the property’s location, what type of repairs will be necessary, the property’s existing condition, and both the resale and rental values of other homes in the area. Several aspects are considered before we calculate a price that is fair for us both. If we are unable to provide you with a reasonable solution or offer, we will tell you so. That way, you can move onto another solution more beneficial for you.

Question: Do all property buyers paying cash operate the same way?                                         Answer: not all cash-paying property buyers are the same. When you are dealing with a cash buyer, ask if you can see bank statements showing that they are capable of buying the house from you. Experienced investors will put down a minimum of $2500 as an earnest deposit.

Question: Are you buying the house or listing it on MLS?
Answer: we are not real estate agents, and listing houses is not something we do. Easy Sale Homebuyers is a professional home buying company. We purchase properties in Pasco County and surrounding areas that are eligible based on our buying criteria. After buying it, we might fix the house up before reselling it to a different buyer. Alternatively, we might keep the home and rent it out.

Question: What kind of commissions or fees are involved?
Answer: Easy Sale Homebuyers does not charge any fees, nor do any commissions need to be paid to us. An offer will be made to you. If you accept it, then we will purchase your home (including closing costs as well). There are no fees or hassles involved with the process. Our profit will be earned after we fixed the house up and resell it to another buyer. Any risks involved are taken on by us. After we purchase the property, we are taking on all of the responsibilities that come with it. You won’t have to worry about making any more payments associated with the property. You’ll be able to walk away with money in your pocket.

Question: What separates your company from a realtor?
Answer: an agent lists properties in the hopes of someone purchasing them. That agent then shows each property to potential buyers (assuming any exist). The agent then takes a small percentage of whatever the selling price is if and when the house gets sold. More often than not, the commission an agent will take will range between 5% and 7% of whatever the house is sold for. As an example, if the selling price was $100,000, then you will be paying between $5000 and $7000 to a real estate agent in commission fees. Realtors do provide a helpful service for sellers that are patient enough to wait for 6 months before the house gets sold. During that time, a lot of people will be coming in and out of the house for showings. The property will have to be absolutely spotless. You will need money to fix things up to pass a buyer’s inspection.

If you are okay with all of these things, then you should sell your home the old-fashioned way. With that said, we are home buyers, not agents. Easy Sale Homebuyers specializes in purchasing houses, not listing them. We have the power to take the property off your shoulders within days (sometimes even the very same day). We are the ones taking on any risk by paying for your house with cash. We are the ones repairing the place. We are the ones who will market in order to find buyers (which is no small feat in the current market).

Question: What obligations do I have after submitting my information?
Answer: there are zero obligations involved with this process. It is fairly straightforward.

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