Have You Inherited A Home in Tampa, Pasco County, or Anywhere Else Across Florida?

Inherited (Probate) Home In Tampa, Pasco County, Or Across Florida – When a loved one leaves you a property you don’t want or need, it can be a mess of a time unloading it. The home may be in major disrepair, and you may not have the funds or time to get it repaired to sell the traditional route. And, this is fine. We buy houses just like these in situations such as these.

When you have inherited a Tampa or Pasco County Florida house that you don’t need or can’t repair properly to re-sell, we know the stress it can bring. Let us reduce that stress for you. Rather than taking out loans to fix home the home to ready for the market, Easy Sale Homebuyers will give you a fast, all-cash offer for the property.  It can be a hassle trying to fix it up, only to hold onto it for months trying to find a buyer for it – especially if you don’t live nearby. We buy houses in New Port Richey, Hudson, Holiday, & Surrounding Areas.

As our name suggests, we make it easy to sell a home! We buy houses throughout the state of Florida an d most frequently in the Tampa & Pasco County areas. Rather than a complicated process, we just give you a no-obligation quote on the home and can give you cash in as fast as 7 days.  Best of all, the offer we give you is the cash we give you. We handle everything else related to the sale!

A loved one’s death is challenging enough. When they leave you their home, you may feel elated that they thought of you. But the prospect of handling enough property may be overwhelming.

What do you do?

We buy houses that have been inherited (including ones in Probate), taking care of all the repairs and cleaning that needs to be done. That’s right! You don’t have to do anything for us; we handle it all and take care of closing costs in most cases. What we do for you is make you an all-cash fair market offer on the home that we can close on in as little as seven days.  We don’t care what the home’s condition is. It can still look retro from the 70s, and we will still buy it from you.

  • Lots of repairs?
  • Live far away?
  • Tenants in the home?
  • Professional cleaning?

We won’t find any issue too big! We handle them all!

And, what if the Tampa house is in probate? You may not have the patience nor the will to deal with all the legal matters. We take care of that hassle for you too.

How Do We Handle The Sale Of Inherited Properly Quickly?

When we purchase an inherited Tampa, Pasco County, or other Florida area home, we handle everything with the process. We want to make it easy on the home sellers, as we know there is already much on their plate.  Reach out to an Easy Sale Homebuyer purchasing agent to help you learn more about the process. We will address any questions you may have about the process.  What do we do for you?

  • We will come to check out the home you want to sell. The goal is to get as much information as we can and take pictures of the property.
  • We will make you a fair, no-obligation offer using the state’s current housing market.
  • If you choose to accept the offer, we will speed up the home buying process, so it’s all taken care of within a week.
  • During closing, you receive cash money. You don’t need to worry about paying for the closing costs. We handle that expense too.
  • You can move on while we handle the home’s renovation and re-sell.

When we buy houses in Tampa, Pasco, & across Florida – we don’t care in what shape or situation they are in. We want to make the home selling process as easy for you as our name suggests.

Have You Been Looking For A Way To Sell Your House Fast?

We know that dealing with a loved one’s death is hard, and handling their property, in addition, is even harder. If you’ve been looking for methods that would sell my house fast, we here at Easy Sale Homebuyers will make it easy for you.

Instead of repairing, renting and maintaining the home, don’t let the hassle of the ownership get you down. When you need immediate cash and have looked for how to sell my house for cash, give us a call at 813-442-8214 to start the process. We will buy the home quickly, making you feel like you got cash instead of property. We know that money may be more important than property at this most difficult time.

We are here to help you!

Call us or fill out the following form and get an offer an immediate offer on your home. You have enough on your plate. Let us take something off of it for you!