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“”Based on our situation, we didn’t have time to wait for repairs, appraisals, inspections and wanted to sell as is.””

Rose had already purchased her new home farther north and was looking to sell her Dover, FL home an easier way. We worked out a deal to partner with Rose and purchase the property over a period of time. This worked out perfectly for the buyer and we were happy to assist!

Rose, Dover FL

Out Of Town Owner

“”A traditional sale would take longer and there would be no guarantees…selling this alternative way was a win-win””

Jay owned this property in New Port Richey and was looking for an alternative to a traditional real estate sale. After reviewing the nubmers, we were able to come to a sale agreement that benefited everyone involved.

Jay, New Port Richey FL

“I didn’t want to spent the time and money needed to repair the property..Once we spoke with Clark we knew he was a standup guy and we had a person on our side.”

Kayla & Emily, Lakeland

“It was fast and more convenient. They were super helpful, best choice I’ve made!”

Michael, Lake Wales

“…we got a really great offer from you guys”

“…we looked at the pros and cons of fixing the house up vs selling it and there really wasn’t much of a difference after what we would have invested in fixing the property”

Chris & Matt, Pasco FL

“This process was going to be a lot easier for me. The stress involved with selling a house (the traditional way) and all of the things involved was too much”

Kenneth had been considering selling his home and was curious about what our offer would be. Once he reviewed the offer, he accepted and has been very pleased with the entire process. He was able to skip the headaches that come with a traditional real estate sale and was able to sell to us fast and hassle free!

Kenneth, Largo FL

“Clark came in and made it very simple. He is very honest. They made it fast, quick and easy!”

Susan owned a home that she was ready to sell but after getting quotes for all of the repairs she would need, she decided it made much more sense to sell the home as is without any repairs or cleaning. We were able to close on the home just 9 days after speaking!

Susan & Her Son, Brooksville FL

“I can’t maintain the property any longer…You have really helped me a lot”

Craig had a property that needed a lot of repair and he was having troubling maintaining things. We gave him an all cash offer and closed within 7 days. Craig was able to move to be closer to family the following week.

Craig, Tampa FL

“I went through a divorce…the entire process was incredibly simple, I didn’t even have to deal with my ex!”

Cora was going through a divorce and just wanted to be done. She did not want to have any waiting for repairs, cleaning, realtors, showings, contracts falling through, etc.  so we were able to provide her a fair cash offer for the home as is. Everyone walked away happy from this deal and we were able to close in just 10 days!

Cora, Winter Haven FL

“…the amount of work needed didn’t make sense not to sell for cash”

“….from top to bottom the experience has been completely professional. You all have gone above and beyond to really help me along the way.”

Michael, Tampa FL

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“Clark and his team were great to work with. We owned a rental in Tampa that had been abused by the last tenants and we did not want to clean or do any more repairs before selling. We were able to close in just about 1 week and everything went very smoothly! If you need to sell your house fast for cash, we definitely recommend giving them a call. Thanks!”

Caroline P

Florida Home Seller

Clark Lunt
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