Can I Sell My Pasco House During Probate?

The word probate refers to the process of administering the property of a deceased person to their beneficiaries. This process varies quite a lot depending on if the person who died and owned the property left a will or specific instructions on what to do with the property. Sometimes such a will is present, but this is not always the case. With or without specific instructions, the probate courts in Pasco County will ensure the property is reassigned to the rightful heirs. This process can be rather lengthy when no will is available.

One question many inheriting a house in Pasco County want to know right away is whether or not they can sell the house. The answer is that you can sell it, but only if you follow certain steps. Easy Sale Homebuyers has been a real estate investor in Pasco County, Florida for a long time and has the insight and experience to help. We recommend any seller with an inherited home in probate in Pasco County go through the following steps:

5 Steps to Selling Your Inherited House in Probate in Pasco County

#1 – Have the Property Appraised

The first thing you’ll want to do is have a certified independent contractor appraise the property. Such an appraiser will be easy to find online or by contacting a real estate agent for a recommendation. Most investors, like Easy Sale Homebuyers, look for properties in probate to invest in that have already been independently appraised.

#2 – Obtain the Petition

To be able to sell your property during the probate process, you’ll first need to ask the Pasco County Court for probation. There is a petition you’ll need to fill out. You’ll also need to include all the details about the sale as well as the method of sale. We recommend enlisting the help of your independent appraiser to fill out this form. Once done, you’ll need to wait for the court’s approval.

Investors cannot buy a property in probate in Pasco County until the seller has obtained the petition and approval from the court. As an investor who has worked in Pasco County for a long time, we can confirm that investors do ensure this is filed before moving forward with a purchase of an inherited property in Pasco County, Florida.

#3 – Put Your Property Up for Sale

Now you can finally put the property up for sale. It’s essential at this point to let potential buyers know the house is in probate and that the sale will only be finalized upon approval from the court. All property investors will, as mentioned, ensure that the petition has been approved by the court before making any offers.

#4 – Ask the Court to Confirm the Sale

In Pasco County, it generally takes between 20 and 40 days for the court to confirm the sale of a probate property. An important step to complete here is to get the buyer to agree to give you 10% of the agreed-upon amount before the hearing date set by the court.

#5 – Attend the scheduled hearing at the time set by the court

This hearing will be where any of the bids by multiple interested parties will take place, real estate investors and potential buyers interested in the property will need to be in attendance as well. After a final agreement is approved by the court, a cashier’s check must be presented to the court for there to be a confirmation of the bid. If a new buyer wins the bidding, return the previous buyer’s money and take the new buyer’s deposit upon the court’s confirmation.

Once these steps are completed, you’ll be able to complete the contract with your buyer.

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